Monday, April 21, 2008

Still working on Digital for MIL

I have been so busy doing the scrapbook for my MIL. I feel guilty anytime I pick up the laptop for fun or to google something...another addictive past time I have. I google, I remember that guy from another movie...let's pull up his movie resume. HMmm why do we say ...they kicked the bucket when they died...I know that has to be some where on Google. Anyway...I hope to finish by this weekend and hopefully create a project a day or atleast have one in the works each day.

I have all these idea books and magazines and I love buying I just need to start doing something with all of them.

See ya in the funny pages...hmmm gotta google that one also. O_o

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beautiful day

This past Sunday was a beautiful day in Seabrook. It was one of those days that I fall in love with my little town all over again. We live about 3 minutes from a park that is oceanside and has this really long pier to go fishing. Lots of sailboats out today. We even have a trail that we can walk to the park from our house. It winds through the woods and passes right in front of my neighborhood.
My Canadian husband has decided March and April are his favorite months down south. Low humidity and a comfortable breeze.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Digi Scrapping

I am in the process of creating a Scrapbook for my Mother-in-law. I am trying digital so that I can have it printed and shipped to Canada in time for Mother's Day. I am so in love with Rhonna Farrer's digital paper, elements, and templates for decorative borders. I don't seek out Rhonna's work but it seems anytime I see anything worth buying, I look at the name of the creator and there is Rhonna. I also like Erica Hernandez. She has these great torn templates that I can't wait to use.
So here are a few things I love about DIGI...takes up less space, once I buy something or download something, I can use it for ever. If something isn't the right color, I can colorize it to any color that I want. My pages seem to come together alot quicker.

Things I love about traditional scrapbooking...I love working with my hands and seeing the fruits of my labor. I love embossing, stamping and painting things to make them my own. I love the additional sense of touch you get from traditional layouts. I love shopping for new embellishments, paper and trying new techniques.

My next goal is to do some hybrid scrapbooking and combine both loves. SBE has a good class on hybrid scrapbooking. I should take out my notes from that class and get to it.