Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've lost my Mojo

I am so burnt out. I made this First Year Baby Book for my aunt. I actually took a class, All About Baby at BHG Scrapbooksetc. I actually took all the class last November and I really love this album. But it takes alot of man hours to create. I find that I enjoy scrapbooking for the creative side. I enjoy a challenge from Twopeas or Faithsisters. I like taking a basic idea and building on that idea. But when I create the Baby Album, I have to stay pretty straightforward and it gets monotonous. However, I am in the middle of a new one and I feel guilty putting it to the side to do a personal project. The baby is not due until November and if I let my procrastinate self have it's won't be done until the baby is due and I won't create anything else until then.

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