Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a week

I have never wanted a week to be over so much as I wanted this one. It started out with a root canal and ended with a kitty diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis and two puppies with expensive yearly appointments. With every turn I was spending over $500.00.

Not to mention my daughters data was due for Science Fair and we had the added stress of finishing building her light box and hauling the huge monstrosity up to the school so she could test other students.

But on a good note. My daughter was in her first competitive swim meet and she did very well. It was at a high school. We had to leave school early on Friday to make it to the meet on time. We took a friend of hers with us. I had never been to a meet, so I was a little nervous about what to expect. When we arrived at the school, the halls were filled with folding canvas chairs, blankets for the kids to lie on between events and coolers filled with snacks and drinks. The school kept the pool area warm but the rest of the school was pretty cool. So the kids tried to bundle up. But I was impressed at how quickly they went through the heats. There were about 900 kids there and it was over in about 2 and half hours. The parents of the girl we took were so helpful at explaining things to me. My husband could not go because our cat was so sick and required hourly force feeding to get his energy up. But I was very proud of my daughter and how well she did.

On Saturday I finished to projects that I had been working on for about a week or two. I finished my 25 day album for Christmas and Stories in Hand project. I'll post pictures later. Truth be known, I am too tird and lazy to go downstairs to get the camera and upload my pictures.

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