Friday, January 16, 2009

My Sewing Project

So, I started walking again. I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I use Nike+ to motivate me. I really enjoy it. I didn't want to buy a new pair of shoes because frankly, I like my old ones. Sure they are scruffy looking but they are comfortable. So inorder to use my old shoes with new technology, I had to make a tight fitting pouch for the sensor. Google, my dear friend, showed me a place where I could learn to do such a thing. Now, I own a sewing machine because I sew on paper. So this sewing on material was a whole new thing for me. I even had to create my own pattern. I have to admit, I enjoyed it. However, I found a new use for my Cricut. I can create a pattern in SCAL and use the Cricut to cut out the pattern onto the material. Can I just say I love my Cricut?


  1. Hi, Rozetta...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!! I love this sewing project you posted...who knew a Cricut could do all those things!! I love to sew on my cards, too, but some times in the heat of creation, I put the card together then think..."why didn't I sew on this!!" Ohm well....

  2. Cute Nike+ pouch! I wish you had that figured out when I first got mine!
    Put it on Etsy.

  3. Hi, Ro. I posted the other day how I wished I had 1/10th of your digi talent, and well, this proves it! LOL Girl, you are gonna use that SCAL to take over the world. Go Ro Go!

    Are you going to do that Scrapbook Roundup? Haven't you done it in a prior year? I'm just wondering if there is anything to it more than going to each store and shopping...